The Editors

Westy and Vespasian have both featured on episodes of the

High Wide And Handsome (Football Index) podcast.

A highly recommended podcast for all Football Index traders!

Hosted by @IRISHFI1 (Twitter).

Executive Editor


Trading style: Instinct, short term holds, consolidation!


Background: Football Manager content provider, FIFA, Championship Manager (early years), FPL top 200, dogs, football and casino gambler.

Weakness: Spender. 

Line of work: Finance systems

Drink: Whiskey, Ale or Red wine

Club: Arsenal

Find me:

Football Index Forum -'Vespasian'

Twitter - @FI_emperor



Trading style: Data user, long term holds, diverse!

Special skills: Championship Manager (early years), Football Manager, FIFA, Fantasy football (small prize) winner, Super 6, general finance knowledge, highly decorated school football manager (all trophies count!), horses, football and roulette gambler.

Weakness: Stubborn.

Line of work: Education

Drink: Ale or Dark red wine

Club: Arsenal

Find me:

Football Index Forum - 'Westy' 

Twitter - @Westy_FI_Trader

Consulting Editor


Trading style: Value investor.

Special skills: Experienced financial markets professional, with a history or Accas; office sweep-stakes and football trivia addiction.

Weakness: FIFA tantrums.

Line of work: Banking

Drink: Lager or cider

Club: Chelsea

Find me: 

You won't!

Company regulations prevent it!