Guest writers

We will be approaching traders from the communities to share their strategies and experiences across Football Index, Footstock and other football trading platforms.

Get in touch if you have an insight, hindsight or foresight to share!

Mick Turbo:


See Insight 3

  • Big wise voice on the Football Index Forum.

  • Made a name for himself with a hot tub story.

  • One of the best profile pics around.

  • Loves a heat map to uncover cheap gems.

  • Featured on HWAH podcast:

Martyn B:

See Insight 3

  • A voice of reason on the Football Index Forum.

  • Dividends based trading.

  • Diverse approach.

  • A good eye for proof reading!

  • Hates FI Podcasts talking about food!

  • Find him on the official Football Index Forum

Forum pic.PNG

John Nellis:

 See Hindsight 3

  • The very listenable host of a Football Index podcast called 'High Wide And Handsome'

  • Dabbles in lots of different football related products. FPL, Footstock and FIFA!

  • Has a 5 figure portfolio on Football Index and been on nearly 2 years

  • Lookout for him on Twitter @IRISHFI or the Forum to get questions in for his guests. 

  • Links to show below:


Mr Wh1te (The Challenge Man):

See Insights 9,10 and 11

  • Loves setting himself a trading challenge!

  • Very calculated in his trading.

  • Has traded both FI and FS

  • Focusing on FS for now

  • Find him on the official Football Index Forum

  • Find him on Twitter @Challenge_FIS

Forum pic.PNG