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Join Sorare:

Get one free rare card as a reward if you purchase 5 cards from the new card sales (primary market, both individual card sales and bundle sales), after the 5th card purchase, you will receive the free rare card. 

You can choose to go through the onboarding process and pick up random free players as you go through the steps (recommended for learning!) or skip it. If you choose to skip it, you draft your own free starter squad- you will receive an extra 100mil to your budget for this by using our link.


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SportsBroker allows you to trade 'virtual shares' that rise and fall based on team performance.

The aim is to buy shares and sell them for a higher price, teams will rise in value if they perform well.

SportsBroker is a peer to peer gaming platform, this means you are trying to win money from players who have backed the opposite team - SportsBroker only take a small commission if your team goes up in value.

You can currently get a first trade trial (losses refunded) on SportsBroker by using the link below. 

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This has been mentioned by quite a few Footstock traders to us. It's the biggest daily fantasy sports site in Europe!

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Index Edge



NOTE- We are affiliated with Index Edge, but due to the Football Index suspension, and doubts over the future of that platform, we have removed our link for now to avoid any unnecessary sign ups.


Index Edge was becoming even better just before the collapse of FI! Our removal of the link by no means reflects Index Edge's product. If FI comes back, we will be very happy to support Index Edge again.