Foresight 1: Could Football Index order books be similar to FootStock's?  by Westy

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Football Index (FI) are working with NASDAQ to bring order books to Football Index soon. FI have a lot more volume of shares etc. to manage, so understandably it is taking some time. But it may be useful for Football Index traders to have a look at how Footstock (FS) are already using order books for their market. Likewise, FS traders that have learnt the system may be interested in trying their skills on FI when they introduce them.

Footstock's order books are easy to use. Trades are between users and prices are determined by supply and demand. High demand and low supply for a player would result in his card price rising and vice versa.

When opening the Market section, you are shown the lowest available price you can buy the players for. That figure represents the lowest open sell order from another user and that would be the price you have to pay to immediately purchase the card and add it to your collection.

In addition to buying cards, you can always try to sell a card from your collection. You click "Sell" and set your price. This puts a sell order onto the market.

You can have as many buy and sell orders as you want. You can increase, decrease or delete all orders at ease.

I highly recommend FI users give it a go. I can see FI introducing something very similar. Traders will still want a quick and simple way to trade.

Below are the snippets Adam Cole teased us with in last QnA:


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