Insight 11: MrWh1te's £60k challenge

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

The Footstock challenge man is at it again! If you haven't followed his Twitter account (@Challenge_FIS) yet, I highly recommend doing so! It will be the place to receive updates on how this challenge goes. Also, if you aren't on Footstock yet, you can give it a try using this generous -no deposit- trial offer.

These challenges are inspiring other traders. We have seen the #mctominaychallenge doing the rounds. Our in house stock market consultant Hasselbanker and another member of our Football Trading Insights community are now doing their own Footstock £0-profit challenges which are being tracked on our FTI forum (better on the app).

I think these sort of challenges are helping to keep the focus of the trading/gambling on fun! The social aspect of them is also worth pointing out as a great positive to the online communities.

This challenge appeals to me as a largely long term based trader. I like the level of patience and discipline required built in to this one, and I think that is where a lot of the challenge lies. It will certainly test MrWh1te's discipline and trading skill. Initially, I thought the daily targets sounded too steep, but the thought process is explained well behind this average target.

I wish MrWh1te the best of luck on achieving this, and I look forward to keeping track of how it is going!


60k Challenge

This challenge will start on July 1st 2020 and end July 1st 2025.

£60,000 over 5 years. Starting from £2,000. I have chosen this total and time frame as it represents a personal goal. *

The challenge – I will be starting with a £0 cash balance and £2000 in collection value, with £291 in coupons. Whilst my collection value currently stands at £4000, I need to withdraw £2000 by October, and I have made the decision now is a bad time to sell now. I will at some point sell that up.

The recording of totals will be done at 6:30 pm every evening. I will track collection value + coupons + cash but the ONLY total that will count for this challenge will be the cash balance. I feel that whilst making it harder, it is the fairest way to do it.

The Maths

Based on £2000 for 1825 days = £33 a day. This is 1.65% a day. This is a high target to meet. However when my collection value grows to £10,000, this comes down to 0.33% a day which is minimal. As my collection value rises, the % increases needed drops. When looking for £33 a day, this means it will be tough to keep my collection value up and this is where the challenge will be won or lost.

I do have 3x epic goalkeepers and 3x epic defender cards to use, profit from these will go towards the challenge.

I must be clear, whilst working on £33 a day, this is an average over a long period of time. So sometimes (for instance at the start) I might stay on zero, then have a big rise when inactives kick in, or star ratings change and I use cards. Due to this, I will also track daily how much £ I am +/- on.

The plan would be to ‘bank’ £33 a day and spend the rest.

The How

My main strategy will be trading with a focus on the very cheap cards. This should provide a steady income. I intend to buy cards I see as cheap and then list them at a profit. They may not sell straight away but after a while, when I have hundreds of orders, they should go through at a steady rate.

I do intend to hold a lot of cheap cards. The benefit of a long term challenge such as this means I can hold 20p cards knowing that they will go inactive in 2 years and provide up to 500% returns.

Tournaments – I will play all freerolls and any games I see as value, including virtual battles (which will be rare but provide variety).

Any deposit bonus’ will go towards the profit totals. I will also make use of the few rewards I have left and any new ones that get added.


Having a challenge that I can share keeps me focused and targets help me a great deal.

If I fall short of my target, It's okay...other times variance will work in my favor.

It’s an average, so sometimes I won't need to trade and can wait and other times I will make way more.

It helps build the community, which benefits us all, by getting others involved in future challenges. Refer a friend bonus', if any, will be added to the totals.


Big time commitment.

Having money in the cash balance is tempting. I do open packs even though I know it isn’t the best value. I do so because I feel FS need to make money too, it is my way of paying rake. However, I do tend to open more than I should for the buzz.

I will need to build up a decent surplus for the quiet days/drops and not get disheartened if I fall too far behind my target.

The Future

I see this challenge as one large umbrella challenge. Underneath this challenge, I will run many smaller challenges, now known as ‘raindrop challenges’ which will go towards making the profits needed. Ideas for new challenges will be gratefully appreciated!

I will report figures once a week. Any headline wins or losses, and any raindrop challenges, will be announced and run in a similar way.

I believe in the future of the platform, and I hope to see us all making good money and having fun along the way!


Vespasian's comments:

Another challenge I will pay close attention to.

I'm a short term trader so thinking 5 years ahead is out of my comfort zone, as I think a lot can change. My concerns would be user growth should decrease volatility as there will be more users filling out orders closer to spreads.

However, as it is a long game, Mr White is right... at some point pretty much every card has its moment in the sun either through a big tournament score, a decent run of form and subsequent increase in PPG (making them valuable for the virtuals and roulette) or simply by becoming inactive and assuming the average price point for their category.

It's a game of patience and discipline which I lack.

Good luck!


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