Start trading your football knowledge 

'Understanding requires insight. Insight must be anchored.'

Brian Greene

1. Investigate the platforms

We cannot stress enough how important it is to spend a bit of time researching the platforms before jumping in!


Look into their Ts and Cs. Look at the different ways of winning. Which one suits you best?

Be sure to read our individual platform pages that explain how each platform works and their USPs in comparison to the others available.

2. Start small!

Our main advice would be to start small and learn the markets. We all started trading on these platforms by using sign up offers. Use our sign up offers to get you going with little or no cost! Using these offers, allows you to start trading for real money, and learn with little risk. Just remember, these are alternative football betting sites. Your capital is at risk however unlike regular betting, you don't lose your whole stake on a one off result. Player values do get affected positively and negatively by results and performances; but you are still holding your player cards (Footstock and Sorare) or shares (Football Index). On all platforms, you are essentially making a bet on the player’s future success.

3. Use resources

Once you get to the grips of the basics of these platforms, it is worthwhile spending time checking out the extra content and resources available. Some is free and very useful and others require subscriptions but could very well make the difference to your profits. Use our checklists to find some of the best sources of information that will explain everything very clearly. There is a wealth of sites and videos that will guide you into getting your portfolios going. If you make content to support either platforms, get in touch and we will add it to our lists.

For any further support getting started, please contact us:​

Twitter: @FT_Insights