Trading tools

There are plenty of free and paid resources available to help you on your way.


For example, get into podcasts to hear up to date news and how traders are reacting to the current market trends etc. Two of our editors, Westy and Vespasian, have featured on episodes of the Football Index Weekly podcast hosted by @IRISHFI1 (Twitter) who also host the Footstock Weekly podcast too which Vespasian has also appeared on. 

Download our ' F.T.I. Trading log' here:

As mentioned in Insight 5, a spreadsheet can be a vital resource to managing your portfolios.

This is Westy's trading book (partly adapted from Footy Index Scout's book available here). It can be suited to what works for you. Westy uses it for both FI and FS.

For more detailed platform specific resources now head to the checklists for each platform. We will update these regularly, so be sure to revisit to keep up-to-date with available sources of information.

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