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What is it?

The Footstock concept is simple: you buy and sell players to form your fantasy teams which can be used to win real cash prizes in tournaments. Footstock, at its core, is a mixture of stock market trading and fantasy football. There are extra games to play too which involve using individual player cards against each other. When there is no live football available to use your players, don't worry they run virtual tournaments to keep your squad in the game!


  • Full order book system for commission free trading

  • Side games

  • Options for pack buying rather than just market buying

  • Virtual fixtures! When there is no real football, you can still use your cards

  • Some free tournaments every week

  • Player cards do not expire!

  • Options available if your player retires or moves leagues

Who will it attract?

  • Fans of Football Manager, Fantasy Football, Fifa Ultimate team

  • Skilled traders

  • Skilled FPL players

  • Competitive fantasy footballers

Our platform checks 👀:

Please always do your own checks on these platforms before putting money in. Make sure you fully understand the risks involved.

  • Footstock is licensed by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain.

  • Footstock can make changes to their Service (including adding or removing functionality on a temporary or permanent basis) and/or the Service Terms from time to time and at any time.

  • Footstock hold customer funds in bank accounts separate from Footstock's business accounts. These funds are not protected in the event of insolvency. This meets the Gambling Commission's requirements for the segregation of customer funds at the level: not protected.

  • Footstock make money by minting new cards in packs or auctions.

Our customer service rating:


Excellent so far!

Tested on a range of requests.

Sign up offer:

Use this very generous sign up offer to receive: 

  • 10 top players to use in contests for two weeks 🎁

  • Access to new user contests including a £200 freeroll every week 🤑

  • 50% deposit bonus up to £100 💪 (Double as good as the regular deal!!)

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Terms and Conditions apply


18+ only