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Players Exchange:

What is it?

Players Exchange (at the time of writing) is a relatively new platform still in Beta stage where you can trade limited shares of professional players. 


Whether you are a fan of Basketball, Football, and/or Tennis, you possess expertise that you can get rewarded for. Use your knowledge to invest wisely in players' future career success. 

Identify young prospects from the sport you like, invest in known players, or simply take advantage of the market growth. Use buy low, sell high principles and create your own strategy on the Sports Stock Market.

Platform Development Roadmap:


First dividends introduced:

From gameweek 10 (currently only for footballers on the platform), you can start to earn dividends. 2% of the IPO price on the shares held. Each week, 1 player will be elected for dividends pay-out based on his performance on the pitch. 2% of the IPO share price will be automatically paid out on each share held by traders.



  • Global! Sign up, trade and compete from all around the world!

  • Limited 'shares' (approx 1000 per player) - secures the rarity of ownership.

  • Crypto currency links- Ethereum

  • Earn dividends

  • Similarly to Sorare, it is not a gambling platform. It is a market place for digital assets.

Who will it attract?

  • Fantasy sports fans- Football (Soccer), Basketball and Tennis so far! More to come!

  • Crypto investors- Ethereum

  • Skilled traders

  • Digital asset collectors

Our platform checks 👀:

Please always do your own checks on these platforms before putting money in. Make sure you fully understand the risks involved.

  • Players Exchange is not a regulated financial services provider. They do not have a gambling license either due to their product being different to those that do.

  • Ts&Cs may be subject to subsequent modifications, the version applicable to the User's purchase is the one in force on the website on the date of placing the order.

  • Players Exchange make their money by selling shares at IPO and collecting small commissions and fees from use of their service.

Our customer service rating:

Not tested yet

Sign up offer:

You can use this link to join and receive a 7 day risk free welcome offer and ETH 0.005 cash bonus once you spend ETH 0.005 on IPO shares.

Click here


Good luck! 

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18+ only