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What is it?

A new global football trading platform is emerging! This is a chance to get in early on a new product. So far (at the time of writing), Sorare is a 1-year old project. They are already among the Top 3 dApp in the gaming space (in terms of volume as tracked by They are growing and very ambitious. Sorare are backed by a world-class team of investors, supported by gaming giant Ubisoft and recently backed by André Schürrle, Rio Ferdinand, Gerard Pique, Antoine Griezmann and Oliver Bierhoff!

Sorare involves a mixture of trading, global fantasy football and has an interesting USP towards using crypto currency. Trade official licensed blockchain player cards, bid in auctions, select your best teams and use them in tournaments to win real currency prizes.



  • Global! Sign up, trade and compete from all around the world!

  • Blockchain cards - secures the rarity of ownership.

  • Crypto currency links- Ethereum

  • Sorare are official partners with the clubs on the platform.

  • NFTs with utility! Use these NFTs in games for prizes- more games will be developed!

  • Transparency- see who is buying/selling who. See who owns who and how much they paid!

Who will it attract?

  • Competitive fantasy football fans

  • Ethereum users

  • Skilled traders

  • Football/Soccer card collectors

  • NFT collectors

Our platform checks 👀:

Please always do your own checks on these platforms before putting money in. Make sure you fully understand the risks involved.

  • The main utility for Sorare cards is Sorare's own 'So5' game. This game is still labelled as 'Promotional' at the moment, hinting it could be removed in future. More utility is now available by other parties.

  • Beware of potential capital gains tax- check your annual allowance.

  • Note Article 11 in their Ts&Cs- 'Sorare will be able, in your interest or its own, to add, modify or delete its services but also the rules of the game!'

  • Sorare make money by minting new cards and selling them at auction.

Our customer service rating:


Good so far!

Tested on a range of questions.

One pointer- the customer web chat never seems to work? Email instead.

Sign up offer:

Get one free Limited card as a reward if you purchase 5 cards from the new card sales (primary market, both individual card sales and bundle sales), after the 5th card purchase, you will receive the free limited card. 

You can choose to go through the onboarding process and pick up random free players as you go through the steps (recommended for learning!) or skip it. If you choose to skip it, you draft your own free starter squad- you will receive an extra 100mil to your budget for this by using our link.


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Good luck! 

Terms and Conditions apply


18+ only